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1Author    Cabezudo-RiveraM. Reyesa, C. M. Artín3, C. Alarcó, J. De La Lastra3, M. V. Trujillob, M. J. Toro3, Ayuso3Requires cookie*
 Title    Antiulcerogenicity of the Flavonoid Fraction from Erica andevalensis  
 Abstract    Investigations were carried out to determine the antiulcerogenicity of the flavonoid frac­ tion (ethyl acetate extract) of Erica andevalensis Cabezudo-Rivera on gastric ulceration in­ duced by different experimental models. Oral treatment with the ethyl acetate extract and the major flavonoid (myricetin 3-O-D-galactoside) were found to be effective to prevent gastric ulceration induced by cold-restraint stress in rats . Statistically significant ulcer index values with respect to the control group were observed. Mucus content was not increased although it was accompanied by an increase in proteins and hexosamines. In pyloric-ligated animals flavonoids showed a significant reduction in the number and severity of the ulcers. Under the same conditions acidity did not decrease with the flavonic extract and myricetin 3-O-D-galactoside significantly as compared to control. Gastric ulcers induced by oral adm in­ istration of absolute ethanol were reduced by pretreatment with the flavonoid extract of doses from 125 to 250 mg/kg and the isolated flavonoid of 25 mg/kg p.o. However neither the flavonic extract nor the isolated flavonoid induced changes in the amount and glycopro­ tein content of gastric mucus. is considered to be a physiological barrier which plays an important role in protecting gastric mucosa. Material and Methods General procedure Melting point was determined using a micro­ scopy Thermovar HT 1 B l l and is incorrected. U l­ traviolet absorption (U V) and infrared (IR) spectra were measured on a Perkin Elmer Lambda 3 spectrophotometer and a Perkin-Elmer 681 spectrophotometer, respectively. 'H-RM N spectrum was recorded with a Bruker ACTF spec­ trometer at 200 M Hz. El-mass and FAB-mass spectra were obtained with a Kratos MS-80-RFA mass spectrometer at 70 eV. Analytical G C was carried out with a Hewlett Packard 5710A chro­ matograph equipped with a flame ionization de­ tector, using a BP-1 fused silica glass capillary col­ umn (25 m x 0.53 mm) (temperature programmed from 100 to 240°C at 2°C m i n 1). The temperatures of the injector and the detector were kept at 250°C and 300°C, respectively. Carrier gas was Helio and 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51c, 563—569 (1996); received January 29/March 6 1996 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Erica andevalensis, Flavonoids Gastric mucus Gastric Ulceration, Antiulcerogenicity 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1996-51c-0563 
 Volume    51