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1Author    G. Laskay, E. Lehoczki, A.L D Obi, L. SzalayRequires cookie*
 Title    Effects of Pyridazinone Herbicides during Chloroplast Development in Detached Barley Leaves III. Effects of SAN 6706 on Photosynthetic Activity and Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes  
 Abstract    Departm ent o f Biophysics, Jözsef A ttila U niversity, E gyetem u. 2 . The photosynthetic activities o f barley leaves in vivo and o f thylakoids, isolated from the leaves, in vitro were studied during greening in the presence or absence o f 2 x 10-4 m SA N 6706. The degree o f chlorophyll bleaching increased from 32% at 24 h o f greening to 60% at the final stage. Treated leaves were unable to carry out 14C 0 2-fixation, their fluorescence induction properties showed very lim ited, if any, photosystem II-activity, and the thylakoids isolated from the leaves were also inactive in m ediating ferricyanide H ill reaction. The leaves, how ever, exhibited light-induced quenching o f fluorescence revealed by slow fluorescence induction m easurem ents; and the thylakoids were active in m ediating photosystem I-specific in vitro M ehler reaction. Thylakoid membranes o f the chloroplasts isolated from treated leaves contained CP 1 and LH C P3 bands as revealed by polyacrylam ide gel electrophoresis. From these results it is concluded that i) greening in the presence o f SA N 6706 leads to the form ation o f inactive photosystem -II units; that ii) photosystem -I p e r se is active in vitro, and can, possibly, m ediate cyclic electron transport in vivo coupled to the formation o f A TP; and that iii) the presence o f xanthophyll pigm ents is required for the assembly o f the light-harvesting com plex. The experim ents were repeated with the application o f SA N 9789, another pyridazinone com ­ pound, and yielded practically the same results as those obtained with SA N 6706. For practical reasons, only the results obtained with SA N 6706 are dem onstrated throughout this com m unica­ tion. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41c, 585—590 (1986); received February 3/March 17 1986 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    SA N 6706, Electron Transport, F luorescence Induction 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1986-41c-0585 
 Volume    41