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1Author    W. Alter Maringgele, Anton Meller, Sven Dielkus, RegineH. Erbst-Irm, ErRequires cookie*
 Title    Reaktionen von Pyridin-Basen mit Na/K-Legierung und Diorganylaminodifluorboranen Reactions o f Pyridine-Bases with Na/K-Alloy and D iorganylam inodifluoroboranes  
 Abstract    Lutidines react with N a/K alloy and diorganylaminodifluoroboranes in «-hexane. The products formed depend upon the position o f the methyl groups. While from 3,4-lutidine (C) the bis(lutidinyl)am inoboranes 2 -5 are obtained, the 2,4-, 2,5-, and 3,5-lutidines (F, G, H) give the 11 a, 1 lb-dihydro-[l,3,2]-diazoborolo-[5,l-b;3,4-b']-dilutidines 1 1 -1 7 . 4-Picoline reacts analogously to give 10. Pyridine (A) and collidine (B) give adducts with borane. From 2,3-lutidine (D), the 1,4-dihydro-l,4-bis(fluoram inoboryl)-2,3-lutidine 8 is obtained. 'H, "B, l3C, 19F, -9Si, 15N N M R and MS data are given. For 8 and 14 the X-ray structures are reported. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 48b, 561—5 (1993); eingegangen am 27. April 1992 
  Published    1993 
  Keywords    Pyridine, Picoline, Lutidine, Collidine, Dilutidinylaminoboranes 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1993-48b-0561 
 Volume    48