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1Author    Thom As Leonhardt, H. Ans, Peter LatschaRequires cookie*
 Title    Photochemische Synthese neuer zinnorganischer Verbindungen mit "aktiven" Gruppen am Zinnatom (I) Photochem ical Synthesis o f New Tinorganic C om pounds with Active Substituents on Tin  
 Abstract    By photochemically induced oxidative addition reactions the synthesis of some new tinorganic compounds was achieved. The reaction of dichloro-and diiodotin with 1,2-diiodobenzene (1) induced by ultraviolet radiation led to bis-(1 -iodophenyl)diiodotin (2), bis-(1 -iodophenyl)dichlorotin (3), 1 -iodo-2-(trichlorotin)benzene (4) and 1 -iodo-2-(triiodotin)benzene (5). Iodosubstitution at the tin atom was also observed when dichlorotin was used as the starting compound. Analogous experiments with 1,2-dibromobenzene (6) and 1,2-dichloro-(7) gave no products. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 52b, 25—29 [1997]; eingegangen am 9. November 1995) 
  Published    1997 
  Keywords    Photochemically Induced Oxydative Addition Reactions, Dihalogenostannylenes, Aromatic Tin Organyls 
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 Volume    52