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1Author    R. Steiner, B. Kalumenos, H. ScheerRequires cookie*
 Title    The Photosynthetic Apparatus of Ectothiorhodospira halochloris 3. Effect of Proteolytic Digestion on the Photoactivity  
 Abstract    of Rhodopseudomonas viridis and Ectothiorhodospira halochloris were treated with proteinase K. The photochemical activity (light minus dark difference spectra) were compared to the polypeptide composition (SDS-polyacrylamide gel analysis). In E. halo­ chloris, difference bands appear at 806 (+), 838 (+) and 854 nm (-) . All three decrease in intensity upon incubation with proteinase K., but this decrease is much slower than the proteolysis of both the reaction center and antenna related polypeptides. Photochemical activity remains high as long as a small part of the RC and two lower molecular weight polypeptides M* (22.0 kDa) and B* (15.3 kDa) are present. The M subunit is the most stable polypeptide in the RC of Rp. viridis too, and the photochemical activity is related to the remainder of this and to the one newly formed polypeptide (15.3 kDa), but doesn't show the typical absorption shift of the antenna (B 800/1020 —» B 800/960). The results are discussed quantitatively a containing organisms. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41c, 873—880 (1986); received July 17 1986 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    Bacterial Photosynthesis, Ectothiorhodospira, Reaction Center, Proteolysis, Difference Spectro­ scopy Photosynthetic membranes 
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 Volume    41