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1Author    JensR. Goerlich, Axel Fischer, PeterG. Jones, Reinhard Schmutzler+Requires cookie*
 Title    Organophosphorverbindungen mit tertiären Alkylsubstituenten. III*: Synthese und Reaktionen Di-l-adamantylsubstituierter Phosphorverbindungen; Kristallstruktur von Di-l-Adamantylphosphinsäurechlorid Organophosphorus Compounds with Tertiary Alkyl Substituents. Ill: Synthesis and Reactions of D i-l-adam antyl-Substituted Phosphorus Compounds; Crystal Structure of Di-l-adam antylphosphinic Chloride  
 Abstract    The reaction of adamantane with PC13/A1C13, followed by hydrolysis, gave (l-Ad)2P(: 0)C1 1, which was converted to (l-Ad)2P(:Ö)F 2 and (l-Ad)2P(:S)Cl 3 by standard procedures. The structure of 1 was confirmed by a single crystal X-ray structure determination; despite the bulky substituents the P-C bond lengths are normal (184.0(3), 185.0(3) pm). Whereas chlorine-fluorine exchange in 3 with AsF3 furnished (l-Ad)2P(: S)F 4, desulfuration of 3 with Ph3P to give (l-Ad)2PCl 5 failed. The secondary phosphine oxides R 'R 2P(:0)H (R1, R2 = 1-Ad: 6; R1 = 1-Ad, R2 = 'Bu: 7; R1, R2 = 'Bu: 8) were synthesized by reaction of 1, l-AdP(:0)Cl2 and 'BuP(:0)Cl2 with 'BuLi. 6 and 8 reacted readily with chloral to give the adducts R2P(:0)CH(0H)CC13 (R = 1-Ad: 9; R = 'Bu: 10). Silylation of 6 with Me2NSiMe3 in the presence of dry air led to (l-Ad)2P(:0)0SiM e3 11, which was hydrolyzed to give (l-Ad)2P (:0)0H 12. (l-Ad)2POSiMe3 13 was obtained by the reaction of 6 with /z-BuLi, followed by Me3SiCl. No reaction took place upon heating 6 with Mo(CO)6. (l-Ad)2PCl 5 was synthesized in low yield by the reaction of 6 with PC13. The action of tetrachloro-o-benzoquinone (TOB) upon 6 furnished (l-Ad)2P(: 0)(o-OH)C6Cl4 15, whereas the 'butyl analogue of 15, 16, was synthesized by hydrolysis of the TOB-adduct of di-'butylfluorophos-phine. Analogous 1-adamantyl-and 'butyl-phosphorus compounds are compared with regard to their 31P NMR data. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 49b, 801—811 (1994); eingegangen am 17. Dezember 1993 
  Published    1994 
  Keywords    Di-l-adamantyl Phosphorus Compounds, Secondary Phosphine Oxides, Di-l-adamantyl Phosphinic Acid, NMR Spectra, X-Ray 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1994-49b-0801 
 Volume    49