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1Author    H. Ans Bocka, W. Olfgang Kaima, Mitsuo Kira3, LouisR. Eneb, H. Einz-G, V. Ünther, IehebRequires cookie*
 Title    Radikalionen, 61 [ 1 , 2 ] Dialkylamino-substituierte Acetylene und Allene: Ionisation, Oxidation und AlCI3-katalysierte Wasserstoffübertragung Radical Ions, 61 [1, 2] D ialkylam ino-substituted Acetylenes and Allenes: Ionisation, O xidation and AlCl3-Catalyzed Hydrogen Transfer  
 Abstract    The photoelectron (P E) spectra of bis(dialkylam ino) acetylenes R 2N — C = C —N R 2 and o f tet-rakis(dialkylam ino) allenes (R 2N)2C = C = C (N R 2)i with R = C H 3, C2H 5 exhibit characteristic ionization patterns which are assigned to re radical cation states of the two m olecular halves twisted against each other. The low first ionization potentials betw een 7.0 eV and 7.7 eV stim u­ lated attempts to oxidize using A1C13 in H 2CC12 or D 2CC12. The hyperfine structured E SR spectra observed can be unequivocally assigned to the ethylene radical cations R 2N — HC = CH — N R 2 © which are formed from the obviously non-persistent species R2N —C ^ C — N R 2 ® via a hydrogen transfer. During the oxidation o f the dialkylam ino-substituted allenes no paramagnetic interm edi­ ates could be d etected , presumably due to a rapid dimerisation o f the allene radical cation (R 2N)2C = C = C (N R 2)2'®. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 39b, 763—770 (1984); eingegangen am 28. N ovem ber 1983 
  Published    1984 
  Keywords    D ialkylam ino Substituted n Systems Radical Cations, ESR Spectra, PE Spectra 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1984-39b-0763 
 Volume    39