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1Author    A. Aiach, U. Bodner, U. JohanningmRequires cookie*
 Title    A Herbicide Resistant Euglena Mutant Carrying a Ser to Thr Substitution at Position 265 in the D 1 Protein of Photosystem II  
 Abstract    A herbicide resistant Euglena mutant (M SI) has been obtained by adapting wild type cells to increasing concentrations o f D C M U (3-(3',4'-dichlorophenyl)-l ,1-dimethylurea). Lower re­ sistance levels towards D C M U and metribuzin were observed in MSI when compared with Euglena or C hlam ydom onas mutants with Ser 264 to Ala substitutions. RNA-sequence analysis identified a Ser to Thr change at position 265 (equivalent to position 264 in other organisms), thus making it possible to compare the influence o f amino acids Ser, Ala and Thr at identical positions on the inhibitory effect o f structurally different herbicides in the same species. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 47c, 245 (1992); received October 31 1991 
  Published    1992 
  Keywords    Herbicides, D 1-Protein, Point M utation, Resistance, Euglena 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1992-47c-0245 
 Volume    47