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1Author    SeymourSteven Brody, George Papageorgiou, Katerina Alygizaki-ZorbaRequires cookie*
 Title    Photodynamic Action of Hypericin on Cyanobacteria, Synechocystis and Synechoccus (Anacystis nidulans)  
 Abstract    The photodynamic action of hypericin on photosynthesis and respiration were monitored in Synechocystis sp PCC 6803 and Synechoccus A TC C 6311 (Anacystis nidulans). An oxygen electrode was used to measure net oxygen evolution or consumption. The amount o f hyperi­ cin required to inhibit photosynthesis was quantitively determined. Photosynthesis was com­ pletely inhibited in Synechocystis when the molar ratio of chlorophyll/hypericin was about 70:1. Higher concentrations o f hypericin did not stop the uptake of oxygen, but rather stim­ ulated the process in the light. Hypericin was readily washed out o f the cells forming no permanent associations in the bacterial cell. Hypericin inhibited electron transfer and conse­ quently oxygen production by PSII particles. For half maximum inhibition o f oxygen evolu­ tion, with PSII membrane particles, the molar ratio of chlorophyll/hypericin was about 10:1. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 52c, 165—168 (1997); received November 14. 1996/January 15 1997 
  Published    1997 
  Keywords    Hypericin, Cyanobacteria, Photosynthesis, Photodynamic Action 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/52/ZNC-1997-52c-0165.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1997-52c-0165 
 Volume    52 
2Author    Hans-Jürgen Tiburzy, RichardJ. BerzbornRequires cookie*
 Title    Subunit II (b') and Not Subunit I (b) of Photosynthetic ATP Synthases is Equivalent to Subunit b of the ATP Synthases from Nonphotosynthetic Eubacteria. Evidence for a New Assignment of b-Type F0 Subunits  
 Abstract    Subunit I of chloroplast ATP synthase is reviewed until now to be equivalent to subunit b of Escherichia coli ATP synthase, whereas subunit II is suggested to be an additional subunit in photosynthetic ATP synthases lacking a counterpart in E. coli. A fter publication of some sequences of subunits II a revision of this assignment is necessary. Based on the analysis of 51 amino acid sequences of b-type subunits concerning similarities in primary structure, iso­ electric point and a discovered discontinuous structural feature, our data provide evidence that chloroplast subunit II (subunit b' of photosynthetic eubacteria) and not chloroplast subunit I (subunit b of photosynthetic eubacteria) is the equivalent of subunit b of nonphoto­ synthetic eubacteria, and therefore does have a counterpart in e.g. E. coli. In consequence, structural features essential for function should be looked for on subunit II (b'). 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 52c, 789—798 (1997); received August 1 1997 
  Published    1997 
  Keywords    Chloroplast, Coupling Factor, Stalk, Cyanobacteria 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/52/ZNC-1997-52c-0789.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1997-52c-0789 
 Volume    52 
3Author    GerhardG. Habermehl3 ', HansChr Krebs3, Peter Nemesb, Gabor Nagyc, Pal ScheiberbRequires cookie*
 Title    Occurrence of Toxin Producing Cyanobacteria in Hungary. Isolation, Separation and Identification of Microcystins  
 Abstract    Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), Microcystis aeruginosa sp., were isolated from a massive bloom in a eutrophic waterbody in Hungary. Their toxic effect, determined by a mouse test, was associated with the occurrence of microcystins YR and LR which were isolated, separated by means of HPLC procedures and identified by mass spectroscopy. The toxin content of the dry cell material is about 0.22 %, indicating a pronounced toxin-producing ability of the species investigated. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 52b, 107—109 [1997]; received October 18 1996) 
  Published    1997 
  Keywords    Microcystis aeruginosa, Cyanobacteria, Microcystins, Lake Velence 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/52/ZNB-1997-52b-0107.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1997-52b-0107 
 Volume    52