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 Title    Reaktionen koordinierter Liganden, V1  
 Abstract    Reaktionen an funktionellen Gruppen von Azido-, Amino-und Hydrazidophosphinkomplexen des Typs cis-Mo(CO)4L2 Reactions of Coordinated Ligands, V 1 Reactions a t Functional Groups of Azido-, Amino-, and Hydrazidophosphine Complexes of the Type a\s-Mo(CO)4L 2 O t h m a r S t e l z e r *, H a n s -B e r n h a r d E i k m e i e r u n d G e r d J o h a n n s e n Azidophosphine The azidophosphine complexes cis-Mo(CO)4 (R2PN3)2 (R = Me, Ph) may be ob­ tained by nucleophilic displacement reactions of chlorine by azide ion in complexes cis-Mo(CO)4 (R2PCl)2-The thermal decomposition and Staudinger reactions were studied. Silylation of NH-or NH2-functional groups in aminophosphine and hydrazinophosphine complexes with MesSiCl, Me2SiCl2 or Me2SiCl-SiClMe2 leads to a series of monodentate or bidentate silylaminophosphine complexes, e.g. (CO)4Mo(R2PNHSiMe3)2, (CO)4Mo-(R2PNH)2SiMe2, (CO)4Mo(R2PNH)2(SiMe2)2, (CO)4Mo[R2PN(SiMe3)(SiMe3)NPR2] or (CO)4Mo[R2P-N(SiMe3)SiMe2-SiMe2-N(SiMe3)PR2]. The structures of these complexes are discussed on the basis of their IR and NMR spectra. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 32b, 1449—1454 [1977]; eingegangen am 6. Juli 1977) 
  Published    1977 
  Keywords    Complexes, Staudinger Reaction, Silylation, Aminophosphine Complexes 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/32/ZNB-1977-32b-1449.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1977-32b-1449 
 Volume    32