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1Author    K. H. Pannell, L. J. BittmanRequires cookie*
 Title    Note Concerning Restricted Rotation about Metal-Acyl Carbon Bonds  
 Abstract    A recent article by LINDNER et al. reported some interesting data on new alkyl and acyl cobalt tricarbo-nylphosphine complexes, RCo (CO) 3P<Z>3 , R = CHF2, CH2F, CHF2CO, CH2FCO x . Of particular interest were the infrared spectral data of the carbonyl region which indicated the expected pseudo Csv symmetry for all the complexes and in addition reported the ketonic carbonyl band for the monofluoroacyl complex to be a doublet, the relative intensities of whose bands were temperature dependent. Such behavior is typical of the existence of rotational isomers and was explained on this basis, namely restricted rotation about the metal-acyl bond. It was proposed that such restricted rotation stemmed from the double bond character of the linkage due to contribution of the well established limiting structure A to the acyl-metal bond. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 27b, 1109—1110 [1972]; received July 17 1972) 
  Published    1972 
  Keywords    Restricted rotation, Acyl-metal, Complexes 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1972-27b-1109_n 
 Volume    27