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1Author    Ekkehard Lindner, Efstathios TamoutsidisRequires cookie*
 Title    Das reaktive Verhalten von phenyl-und imidazolylsubstituierten Propenoyldiphenylphosphanen The Reactive Behaviour of Phenyl and Imidazolyl Substituted Propenoyldiphenylphosphanes  
 Abstract    The unsaturated acylphosphanes RC(0)PPh2 (4a, b') [R = Ph-CH = CH (a), C3H4N2(Cl)-C(Ph) = CH (b')J are obtained by reaction of RC(0)C1 (3a, b') with (CH3)3SiPPh2. The preparation of 3 b' is possible by addition of imidazole to the triple bond of Ph-C=C-C(0)0C2H5 and subsequent hydrolysis of RC(0)0C2H5 (lb) [R = C3H3N2-C(Ph) = CH (b)] and chlorination of RC02H (2b'). From 4a and imidazole the imidazolide Ph2P(Ph)CH-CH2-C(0)-N2C3H3 (5) is formed which can be oxidized to give Ph2(0)P(Ph)CH-CH2-C(0)-N2C3H3 (6). 4a is coordinated in two different ways to transition metals. A 1:1 molar ratio of 4 a and LwMnTHF [LreMn = (iy 5 -C5H5)Mn(CO)2] yields the P-coordinated complex RC(0)P(Ph2)-MnL" (7a). Excess of L"Mn-THF results in the formation of P-and ^-coordinated LnMn-P(Ph2)C(0)(^ 2 -C2H2Ph)MnL" (8a). In the presence of HP(0)Ph2, 4 a is oxidized with molecular oxygen to give the phosphorylated alcohol RC[P(0)Ph2]20H (9 a). Via the oxide 10 a and the enol ether Ph2(0)P-CHPh-CH = C(0CH3)P(0)Ph2 (11a) the ester Ph2(0)P-CHPh-CH = C[0C(0)R]P(0)Ph2 (12 a) can be isolated from the Arbusov reaction of 3 a and CH3OPPh2. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 38b, 726—732 (1983); eingegangen am 19. Januar 1983 
  Published    1983 
  Keywords    Unsaturated Acylphosphanes, Reactivity, Complex Chemical Behaviour 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1983-38b-0726 
 Volume    38