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1Author    HansJürgen Bestmann, Joachim Erler, Otto VostrowskyRequires cookie*
 Title    Bestimmung der relativen Flüchtigkeit von Sexualpheromonen von Schmetterlingen mittels Closed Loop Stripping* Determination of Relative Volatility of Lepidoptera Sex Pheromones by Closed Loop Stripping  
 Abstract    By means o f closed loop Stripping the relative evaporation rates o f monounsaturated C U)-C|6-acetates and C l(l-C12-alcohols have been determined. The results o f stimulus released demonstrate the different volatilities of pheromone compounds which should be taken in ac­ count with certain biotests and physiological studies. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 45c, 698—702 (1990); received January 15/April 12 1990 
  Published    1990 
  Keywords    Volatility, Sex Pheromones, Lepidoptera, Closed Loop Stripping 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/45/ZNC-1990-45c-0698.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1990-45c-0698 
 Volume    45 
2Author    HansJürgen Bestm, KlausH. Aberkorn3, O. Tto Vostrowsky3, Roman Ferstlb, Frank EggertbRequires cookie*
 Title    GC Profiles of Volatile Constituents from Human Urine Obtained by Closed Loop Stripping, Purge and Trap Technique and Simultaneous Steam Distillation-Extraction  
 Abstract    Different techniques like "closed loop stripping" [CLSA], "purge and trap" [PTI], and continous steam distillation extraction [SDE] were used to establish GC profiles of major histocompatibility com plex-associated volatile constituents of human urine and statistically evaluated for reliability. O f the three methods investigated, PTI appeared to be superior for the detection of very volatile substances, whereas SDE was the most efficient one with re­ spect to yield. A number o f short to medium-chain ketones, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-styrene, menthol and nicotine were identified in preliminary analyses. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51c, 849—8 (1996); received May 8/ 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Closed Loop Stripping, Purge and Trap, Simultaneous Steam Distillation-Extraction, GC Profiles, Human Urine 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/51/ZNC-1996-51c-0849.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1996-51c-0849 
 Volume    51