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1Author    W. Erner Gunia, W. Alter Hinderer, U. Ta, W. Ittkam Pf, Wolfgang BarzRequires cookie*
 Title    Elicitor Induction of Cytochrome P-450 Monooxygenases in Cell Suspension Cultures of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and Their Involvement in Pterocarpan Phytoalexin Biosynthesis  
 Abstract    A yeast glucan elicitor causes the accumulation o f the pterocarpan phytoalexins medicarpin and maackiain in chickpea (Cicer arietinum) cell suspension cultures established from seeds. A cell culture line from a chickpea cultivar resistant against its main fungal pathogen Asco-chyta rabiei accumulates large amounts (944 nm ol/g fr. w t.) whereas a cell culture line from a susceptible cultivar accumulates only low amounts (38 nm ol/g fr. wt.) o f the phytoalexins. This is consistent with differential accumulation o f pterocarpan phytoalexins in intact plants [1], The first reactions in the pterocarpan-specific branch o f biosynthesis are hydroxylation o f the isoflavone intermediate form ononetin in position 2' or 3', catalyzed by microsomal cyto­ chrome P-450 monooxygenases. U pon elicitation form ononetin 2'-hydroxylase undergoes a strong transient induction in the cell suspension culture o f the resistant cultivar, whereas in the cell culture from the susceptible cultivar it is only slightly induced. In both cell suspension cul­ tures the induction o f cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase and o f form ononetin 3'-hydroxylase does not show a clear correlation with phytoalexin accumulation. Experiments with different elici­ tor concentrations confirm that form ononetin 2'-hydroxylase is much more induced in cell cul­ tures from the resistant cultivar than from the susceptible one. It is concluded that the massive difference in phytoalexin accumulation between cell suspension cultures from the resistant and susceptible cultivar is determined mainly by the differential induction o f form ononetin 2'-hydroxylase activity. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 46c, 58—6 (1991); received October 29 1990 
  Published    1991 
  Keywords    Cicer arietinum, Yeast Elicitor, Cytochrome P-450 M onooxygenases, Pterocarpan Phytoalexins, M icrosomes 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1991-46c-0058 
 Volume    46