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1Author    Sibille Schindler, J. Thomas, H. Bach, K. Artm, LichtenthalerRequires cookie*
 Title    Differential Inhibition by Mevinolin of Prenyllipid Accumulation in Radish Seedlings  
 Abstract    We have studied in intact radish seedlings the effects o f m evinolin (at concentrations o f 0.25 to 5 [am), a specific inhibitor o f HM G -CoA reductase, and. therefore, o f m evalonate biosynthesis, on the production o f various isopentenoids and prenyllipids. Whereas the content o f free desmethyl sterols was decreased steadily, only depending on the concentration o f inhibitor present in the parts o f seedlings investigated separately (e.g. roots, hypocotyls, and cotyledons), the effect on ubiquinone accumulation^ was different. Irrespective o f the part o f seedlings being analyzed, the maximal inhibition reached was 50%. Plastidic pigm ent accum ulation, however, as well as that o f chloroplast quinones (plastoquinone and phylloquinone), appeared even to be enhanced at low inhibitor concentrations and was not significantly lowered by application o f 5 ^m mevinolin. a-Tocopherol showed a similar profile in the dose response to com pounds known to be exclusively synthesized in the plastid. The results indicate a differential accessibility o f the m evalonate synthesizing enzymes presumably present in the cytoplasm, m itochondria and plastids in respect to the inhibitory action o f mevinolin. If prenyllipid formation in the different cell compartments solely depended on cytoplasm ic m evalonate biosynthesis, all prenyllipids should be affected to the same extent as the sterols, which are exclusively synthesized by cytoplasm ic enzymes. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40c, 208 (1985); received D ecem ber 5 1984 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    Carotenoids, Chlorophylls M evinolin Plastoquinone-9, Sterol Accumulation 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1985-40c-0208 
 Volume    40