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1Author    M. Argarete, N. Eu-, M. Üller, H. Ainfried, E. A. SchenkRequires cookie*
 Title    Der Einfluß von Cycloheximid und Chloramphenicol auf die Biosynthese der Photosynthese-Pigmente in Cyanophora paradoxa Korsch. HI. Chlorophyll a und Phycochromoproteide Chlorophyll a and Phycochrom oproteids  
 Abstract    The Influence o f Cyclohexim ide and C hloram phenicol on the B iosynthesis o f the P hotosynthetic P igm ents in Cyanophora paradoxa. III. The inhibition effects o f CHI and CA on the biosynthesis o f the tetrapyrrolpigments were measured with two methods (in vivo VIS-spectroscopy, for chlorophyll (Chi) and the phyco­ chromoproteids, 14C incorporation only for Chi). In the case o f the Chl-biosynthesis both methods show the sam e results: a) In vivo VIS-spectroscopy demonstrates that the inhibition effect o f CA manifests faster than that o f CHI, b) during the 14C incorporation into Chi chloramphenicol (CA) inhibits more than cyclohexim ide (CHI) in contrary to the behaviour o f chloroplasts. It seems that the CHI caused decrease o f l4C incorporation into Chi can be ascribed to the decreased photosynthesis. The influence o f the antibiotics o f the phycochrom o­ proteids is similar to that observed for chlorophyll. It is remarkable that under the influence o f CHI the phycochromoproteid biosynthesis is significantly better than under CA influence, although CHI damages the consortium more than CA. That can be interpreted, as for chlorophyll, with a more endocytobiont coded phycochrom oproteid synthesis. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 38c, 990—9 (1983); received July 19 1983 
  Published    1983 
  Keywords    Cyanophora paradoxa, Biosynthesis, Chlorophyll, Phycocyanin, Allophycocyanin, C yclohexim ide, Chloramphenicol 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1983-38c-0990 
 Volume    38