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1Author    WolfJürgen RichterRequires cookie*
 Title    Asymmetrische Synthesen durch Substitution: Diastereomere Arsinite aus homochiral substituierten Arsoniten Asymmetrie Synthesis via Substitution: D iastereom eric Arsinites from Homochirally Substituted Arsonites  
 Abstract    Conceptually novel access to chiral arsinites is provided by reacting phenyl-0,0-dim enthyl-arsonite (1) with bulky nucleophiles e. g. terr-butyl-lithium or wo-propyl-lithium to yield the arsinites 3 and 4. The asymmetric induction determined by GC and NM R is 50% and 30% d.e. A small nucleophile effects double substitution. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 50b, 339—341 (1995); eingegangen am 15. September 1994 
  Published    1995 
  Keywords    Asymmetrie Induction, Chiral Arsonites, Arsinites 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1995-50b-0339 
 Volume    50