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1Author    J. K. Omac, StefanRequires cookie*
 Abstract    The reactions of uranium oxysulphide with selected oxysulphides of rare earths (La, Gd, Yb) and Y were investigated. Several new phases, identified as uranium-rare earth oxysulphides were found. The chemical compositions and lattice constants of those compounds were determined. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 30b, 79—80 [1975]; received October 2 1974) 
  Published    1975 
  Keywords    Uranium, Rare Earth Oxysulphides, Chemical Compositions, Lattice Constants 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/30/ZNB-1975-30b-0079.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1975-30b-0079 
 Volume    30 
2Author    Hans-Gunter WuttkeRequires cookie*
 Title    Chromoplasts in Rosa rugosa: Development and Chemical Characterization of Tubular Elements  
 Abstract    1. Development and fine structure of the chromoplasts in hips of Rosa rugosa have been in­ vestigated by electron and polarizing microscopy. 2. The chromoplasts develop from chloroplasts. During disorganization of the thylakoid system characteristic strutures become visible: 'oblique' grana, U-shaped thylakoids, and occassionally 'thylakoid teeth' as well as thylakoid anastomoses. — In this early stage, tubules appear in the plastid matrix. They are sometimes connected with membranes, especially with thylakoids. 3. In ripe hips the chromoplasts are packed with tubules. These chromoplast tubules, which attain lengths of up to at least 1.5 /um, are non-ramified and lie parallel to each other. Their diameter is variable, with a mean of 18 nm. They are polygonal in cross-section with electron-dense walls and electron-transparent cores. Association of ellipsoidal osmiophilic globules with the tubules can often be seen. Irregularly swollen remnants of former thylakoids are found in connection with these tubules. In spindle-shaped chromoplasts, the tubules are oriented parallel to the longitudinal axis. Positive birefringence and positive dichroism are observed. 4. The chemical composition of tubule fractions has been analyzed. The tubules contain ap­ preciable amounts of carotenoids, phospho-and glycolipids, and proteins. 5. The origin and development of the tubules is discussed. It appears likely that reorganization of part of the thylakoid system and synthesis of carotenoids are involved in the formation of tubules. 6. The plastids in the yellow autumn leaves of R osa rugosa contain globules but not tubules. 
  Reference    (Z. Naturforsch. 31c, 456 [1976]; received March 25 1976) 
  Published    1976 
  Keywords    R osa, Chromoplast, Ultrastructure, Development, Chemical Composition 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/31/ZNC-1976-31c-0456.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1976-31c-0456 
 Volume    31 
3Author    HansJoachim Berthold, Wolfgang LudwigRequires cookie*
 Title    Präparative und röntgenographische Untersuchungen über Cäsium-Silber-Gold(III)-Chlorid Preparation and X-ray Investigations of Cesium Silver Gold(III) Chloride  
 Abstract    Cesium silver gold(III) chloride has been prepared from hydrochloric acid solutions. The composition of the preparations is variable and depends on the ratio [Au(III)]/[Ag(I)] in solution. It corresponds to the formula Cs2Agi_aAui+a;/3Cl6. In the range 0 < x < 0,64 six crystallographically different phases have been observed. Above x — 0,42 a cubic phase is obtained. The stoichiometric compound Cs2AgAuCl6 is obtained only from solutions with [Au(III)]/[Ag(I)] < 1. Reports in the literature which claim the stoichiometric compound Cs2AgAuCl6 to exist in a cubic and in a tetragonal form cannot be confirmed. Cs2AgAuCl6 crystallizes ortho-rhombically with the lattice constants a = 15,21 A, b= 15,16 A and c= 10,32 A (Z = 8). 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 35b, 651—656 (1980); eingegangen am 7. Februar 1980 
  Published    1980 
  Keywords    Cesium Silver Gold(III) Chloride, Preparation, Chemical Composition, Nonstoichiometric Phases, Lattice Constants 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/35/ZNB-1980-35b-0651.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1980-35b-0651 
 Volume    35