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1Author    A. Baumann, J. Beck, T. HilbertRequires cookie*
 Title    Octachalcogen Cations Te82+, Se82+, and Mixed (Te8.JC SeJC )82+ Stabilized by Chlorometallates of Bi, Zr, and Hf: Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Se8[Bi4Cli4] and E8[MC16] (E = Se, Te; M = Zr, Hf)  
 Abstract    The title compounds were obtained by the reaction of elemental chalcogens E (E = Se, Te) with the respective tetrachlorides ECU and the Lewis acidic metal halides ZrCL, HfCU, and BiCfi. An alternative way, particularly for the preparation of mixed Se/Te-species, is the enlargement of smaller cationic rings in E4MC16] (M = Zr, Hf) by adding the respec­ tive complementary chalcogen. All reactions were carried out in sealed, evacuated glass am­ poules at temperatures between 120 °C and 220 °C, and yielded black crystals of SegfBijClu], (Te5.oSe3.o)[HfCl6], (Te5.3Se2.7)[ZrCl6], (Teft.sSei.sMZrCU] and Te8[HfCl6], which have been identified by crystal structure analyses. All five compounds contain eight-membered chalcogen rings in an endo-exo-conformation which are isostructural to the known octachalcogen dica­ tions E82+ (E = S, Se, Te). While in (Te5.0Se3.o)[HfCl6], (Te5.3Se2.7)[ZrCl6], (Te6.5Se,.5)[ZrCl6 _] and TesfHfClft] the molecular polycations are surrounded by discrete, octahedral [MClö]"-counterions, Se4 [Bi4CZT14] contains a two-dimensional polymeric anion ([Bi-jCl^ ] 2)" built of a variety of vertex and edge-sharing BiClv-polyhedra (x = 6 , 7). The Bi-Cl bond lengths are spread over a wide range between 250 and 350 pm. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 54b, 1253—1259 (1999); received July 15 1999 
  Published    1999 
  Keywords    Octaselenium(2+), Octatellurium(2+), Chalcogen Polycations, Halogenobismutates(III), Crystal Structure 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1999-54b-1253 
 Volume    54