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1Author    Volker Kinzel, James RichardsRequires cookie*
 Title    Culture Density and Age-Dependent Interactions of 3 T 3 and SV 3T 3 Cells with Immobilized and Soluble Lens Culinaris Lectin  
 Abstract    Short term binding of both Balb/c derived 3T 3 cells and SV 3T3 cells to 2B-Sepharose coated with Lens culinaris lectin (LCL) was compared with their LCL-induced agglutinability in relation to culture density and age. The cells were grown for 4 days either to low (LD) or to high density (HD); for certain experiments HD-cells were stimulated (HDS) by a short trypsin treatment and/ or by addition of fresh medium. HD-3T3 cells bound somewhat faster to immobilized LCL than LD -3T3 cells, although LD -3T3 cells agglutinated at lower LCL concentrations. In the case of SV 3T3 cells, binding was much less pronounced for HD than for LD cells. The agglutinability of HD-SV3T3 cells, however, was greater than that of the other transformed groups. Upon stimula­ tion, binding and agglutinability data of both HD cell lines began to resemble the results obtained with LD-cells. Taken together, the data revealed in all cases an inverse relationship between bind­ ing and agglutinability, i. e., high agglutinability was closely correlated with slower binding and vice versa. The results indicate that culture density and age-dependent differences in cell surface architecture can be detected by short term binding to immobilized LCL. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 35c, 284—2 (1980); received August 24/November 22 1979 
  Published    1980 
  Keywords    Mouse Fibroblasts, Density Dependence, Cell Surface, Immobilized Lectin, Lens Culinaris Lectin 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1980-35c-0284 
 Volume    35