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1Author    ErnstOtto Fischer, Willi Kleine, Werner Schambeck, Ulrich SchubertRequires cookie*
 Title    Übergangsmetall-Garben-Komplexe, CXXI [1] Fluorcarbenkomplexe des Mangans Transition Metal Car bene Complexes, CXXI [1] Fluorocarbene Complexes of Manganese  
 Abstract    The reaction between CH3CsH4Mn(C0)3 and LiN(C2Hs)2 and subsequent alkylation with [(C 2 H 5)30]BF4 affords CH 3 C5H4(CO)2MnC(OC2H5)N(C2H5)2. This carbene complex reacts with borontrihalides BX 3 (X = F, Cl) to yield [CH 3 C5H4(C0)2MnCN(C2H 5)2]BX 4 . Ad-dition of [(C 4 H 9) 4 N]F to this cationic carbyne complex results in the formation of CH3C5H4(CO)2MnC(F)N(C2H5) 2 . In the same way C 5 H5(C0)2MnC(F)C 6 H5 is prepared from [CsH^CO^MnCCeHslSbClß. Fluoride addition can be reversed by reaction of the latter carbene complex with BF3 to give [CsH5(CO)2MnCC6H5]BF4. In the X-ray structure of C5H5(C0)2MnC(F)C6H5 unusual bonding parameters are found, which are consistent with the easy cleavage of the C(carbene)-F bond. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 36b, 1575—1579 (1981); eingegangen am 21. Juli 1981 
  Published    1981 
  Keywords    Cationic Carbyne Complexes, Fluorcarbene Complexes, Fluoride Abstraction, X-ray 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/36/ZNB-1981-36b-1575.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1981-36b-1575 
 Volume    36 
2Author    ErnstOtto Fischer, Jiabi Chen, Ulrich SchubertRequires cookie*
 Title    Übergangsmetall-Carben-Komplexe, CXXVI [1] Darstellung und Struktur symmetrischer Hydroxycarben-Anhydrid-Komplexe des Mangans und Rheniums Transition Metal Carbene Complexes, CXXVI [1] Preparation and Structure of Symmetrica! Hydroxycarbene Anhydride Complexes of Manganese and Rhenium  
 Abstract    Symmetrical anhydrides of hydroxycarbene complexes of manganese and rhenium, [JT-C5H5(C0)2MC(R)]20, (M = Mn, Re) are prepared by reaction of cationic carbyne com-plexes [.T-C5HÖ(CO)2MCR]BX4 with the corresponding metal carbonyl acylates Li[7r-C5H5(C0)2MC(0)R]. [^-C5H5(CO)2MnC(C6H5)]20 is also obtained by controlled hydrolysis of Tr-CsH^CO^MnCXBrJCeHs. The new complexes are characterized spectro-scopically and by an X-ray structure analysis of [jr-CsH^CO^MnQCeHs^O. Bei der Reaktion von Pentacarbonyldiethyl-aminocarbin-chrom-tetrafluorborat, [(CO)5CrCNEt2]BF4, mit NMe4[(C0)5MC(0)R] (M = Cr, W) entstehen die gemischten Hydroxy-carben-Anhydrid-Komplexe 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 37b, 1284—1288 (1982); eingegangen am 7. Juni 1982 
  Published    1982 
  Keywords    Cationic Carbyne Complexes, Metal Acylates, Bromocarbene Complex, Molecular Structure 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/37/ZNB-1982-37b-1284.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1982-37b-1284 
 Volume    37