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1Author    Gerhard Bremer3, Roland Boeseb, Mustafa Keddoa, Thomas Kruck3Requires cookie*
 Title    Dialkylchalkogenidverbrückte Carbonylzweikernkomplexe des Typs  
 Abstract    [M]2ER2 mit M = {CpMn(CO)2} und {Cr(CO)5}; E = S, Se, Te; R = Me oder R2 = (CH2)3 bzw. (CH2)4; Röntgenstrukturanalyse von [CpMn(CO)2]2S(CH2)3 Dialkylchalcogenide-Bridged Dinuclear Carbonyl Complexes of the Type [M]2ER2 with M = {CpMn(CO)2} and {Cr(CO)5}; E = S, Se, Te; R = Me or R2 = (CH2)3, (CH2)4; X-Ray-Structure Analysis of [CpMn(CO)2]2S(CH2)3 The reaction o f C pM n(C O)2T H F or C r(C O)sT H F with alkylchalcogenides E R 2 (E = S, Se, Te; R = M e or R 2 = (C H 2)3, (C H 2)4) in the molar ratio of 2:1 gives alkylchalcogenide-bridged dinuclear com plexes [C pM n(C O)2]2E R 2 and [C r(C O)5]2E R 2. The heteronuclear com plex C p (C O)2Mn — (u-SM e2) -C r (C O) 5 can be synthesized by reacting C pM n(C O)2SM e2 with C r(C O)5TH F. X-ray structure analysis o f the com pound [CpM n(CO)2]2S(C H 2) 3 dem onstrates the bridging character o f the alkylchalcogenides. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 41b, 981—986 (1986); eingegangen am 24. Februar/25. April 1986 
  Published    1986 
  Keywords    Synthesis, C halcogenide-Bridged Carbonyl C om plexes, X-Ray 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/41/ZNB-1986-41b-0981.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1986-41b-0981 
 Volume    41