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1Author    H. Eidrun Dresen, R.B N Prasad, Paul-G Erhard GülzRequires cookie*
 Title    Seed and Pulp Oil  
 Abstract    The lipid com position o f Piqui (Caryocar coriaceum) seed oil and pulp oil was analyzed and found to contain triacylglycerols (95.1/95.3%) as major com ponents follow ed by free fatty acids (1.7/1.6%), diacylglycerols (1.6/1.5%), squalene (0.3/0.3%) and m onoacylglycerols (0.1/0.1%). Phospholipids were found only in seed oil (0.2%). They were identified as phosphatidylethanol-am ine and phosphatidylinositol. The sterol fraction (0.1/0.1%) contained stigmasterol and ß-sito-sterol. In seed oil triacylglycerols the C-53 molecular species were dom inated (52.8%) follow ed by C-55 (37.7%), C-57 (6.9%) and C-51 (2.6%) in minor quantities. In pulp oil triacylglycerols C-55 (51.7%) was predominant followed by C-53 (30.6%) and C-57 (17.7%). Palmitic (16:0) and oleic (18:1) acids were always the major fatty acids in both oils. In seed oil their quantities were nearly the sam e, whereas in pulp oil oleic acid was predominant. Composition of Lipids of Piqui (Caryocar coriaceum Wittm.) 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 44c, 739 (1989); received June 8/July 19 1989 
  Published    1989 
  Keywords    C aryocar coriaceum, Seed Oil Com position, Pulp Oil C om position, Acyl Lipids, Sterols 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1989-44c-0739 
 Volume    44