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1Author    Irene UrbaschRequires cookie*
 Title    Transformationen von trans-2-Hexenal durch Botrytis cinerea PERS. als Entgiftungsmechanismen Transformations of trans-2-H exenal by Botrytis cinerea PERS. as Detoxification M echanisms  
 Abstract    The m etabolization of /rö«5-2-hexenal — one of the main components of plant wound gases with antibiotic activity — was investigated for 5 different isolates of Botrytis cinerea PERS. The transform ation products as well as the kinetics of their formation were analyzed. Isolates exclusively mycelium forming (Be 1 and Be 13) transform ed rr-2-hexenal into tr-2-hexenol, while sporulating isolates (Be 3, Be 9 and Be 10) converted rr-2-hexenal to hexanol-1. Basically the m etabolization of rr-2-hexenal proceeded in the same way via the aqueous phase as in the gas phase. The transform ation products fr-2-hexenol and hexanol-1 showed significantly lower toxicity against the tested B. cinerea isolates than ?/--2-hexenal. In each isolate the end product of tr-2-hexenal conversion had the weakest inhibitory activity. The transform ation reactions thus repre­ sent detoxification mechanisms for these fungi. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 42c, 64—68 (1987); received August 26/November 12 1986 
  Published    1987 
  Keywords    Botrytis cinerea, fr-2-Hexenal Conversion, Biological Activity, Detoxification 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1987-42c-0064 
 Volume    42