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1Author    H. K. LichtenthalerRequires cookie*
 Title    Effect of Biocides on the Development of the Photosynthetic Apparatus of Radish Seedlings Grown under Strong and Weak Light Conditions  
 Abstract    The influence of two biocides (bentazone, triadim efon) on the growth-response of radish seedlings (Raphanus sativus L.) was investigated with special em phasis on the developm ent of sun or shade-type chloroplasts. I. The fun gicid e triadim efon causes strong-light growth-response and the formation of sun-type chloroplasts as seen from the changed chlorophyll a/b ratio and the carotenoid and prenyl-quinone com position. 2. The photosystem II herbicide bentazone, in turn, induces a shade-type adaption. It prevents the strong-light induced formation of sun-type chloroplasts, but has little influence on the chloroplast com position in weak light. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 34c, 936 (1979); received June 5 1979 
  Published    1979 
  Keywords    Chloroplast Developm ent, Sun-Type Chloroplast, H erbicide, Bentazone, Chlorophylls 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/34/ZNC-1979-34c-0936.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1979-34c-0936 
 Volume    34 
2Author    K. H. Grumbach, T. J. BachRequires cookie*
 Title    The Effect of PS II Herbicides, Amitrol and SAN 6706 on the Activity of 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme-A-reductase and the Incorporation of [2-14C]Acetate and [2-3H]Mevalonate into Chloroplast Pigments of Radish Seedlings  
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 34c, 941 (1979); received June 5 1979 
  Published    1979 
  Keywords    DC M U, Bentazone, SAN 6706, Am itrol, Chlorophylls, Carotenoids, HM G-CoA-Reductase 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/34/ZNC-1979-34c-0941.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1979-34c-0941 
 Volume    34