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1Author    M. H. Ecker, A.-M Dünger, G. Wachlin, F. MachRequires cookie*
 Title    Untersuchungen über die Regulation der Proteinsynthese auswachsender Sporen von Bacillus subtilis Studies on Protein Synthesis of Outgrowing Spores of Bacillus subtilis  
 Abstract    Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis according to O'Farrell [6] was used to study synthesis of membrane bound proteins during outgrowth of Bacillus subtilis spores. Three major classes of membrane bound proteins were distinguished, depending on the time of onset and duration of their synthesis: la — a great amount of proteins typical of vegetative cells made throughout all stages of outgrowth and vegetative growth; lb — vegetative proteins synthesized during middle and later outgrowth stages as well as during vegetative growth (sequential activation); II — outgrowth-specific proteins synthesized during early outgrowth but not in vegetative cells. A similar classification was made for total proteins [9]. In a temperature-sensitive mutant defective in early outgrowth the sequential activation of vegetative genes (group lb) is especially inhibited under restrictive conditions, whereas the syn­ thesis of group Ia-proteins and outgrowth-specific proteins (II) could be detected during early outgrowth stages. We suggest that the expression of outgrowth genes, whose products might be found among the outgrowth-specific proteins, could be involved in the sequential reactivation of vegetative genes during outgrowth. The vegetative proteins of group la (continuous synthesis) are produced throughout growth and differentiation. On the other hand the synthesis of vegetative proteins, group lb , is switched off during sporulation and switched on during outgrowth. The control mechanisms of the expression of these two groups of vegetative genes during growth and differen­ tiation are discussed. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40c, 421 (1985); eingegangen am 25. Oktober 1984/21. Februar 1985 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    Bacillus subtilis, Spore Outgrowth, Protein Synthesis, Membrane Proteins 
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