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1Author    G. H. Schmida, A. R. Adunz3, K.P B Ader3, B. Myśliwa-Kurdzielb, K. Strzał, J. KrukbRequires cookie*
 Title    Action of an Antiserum to a-Tocoquinone on Photosystem II-Particle Preparations of N icotiana tabacum  
 Abstract    An antiserum to a-tocoquinone was prepared by immunization of rabbits. Immunization was obtained by injection of a conjugate consisting of the hapten a-tocoquinone attached to methylated ovalbumin into the rabbit. The antiserum recognizes the 3,4-dimethyl-p-benzo-quinone group of the m olecule as well as part of the immediate vicinity to the side chain. This is concluded from the fact that the antibody has som e affinity also to plastoquinone. No reaction of the antibody is observed with a-tocopherol hydroquinone or a-tocopherol. Reac­ tion of the antiserum to a-tocoquinone with photosystem Il-particle preparations from to­ bacco affects the functionality of the preparation. Chlorophylla-fluorescence emission is quenched without an alteration of the em ission spectrum. Concomitant with this fluorescence quenching, the lifetime of two fluorescence com ponents namely that of a fast and a slower component are shortened. By analogy with the literature the fast component is associated with chlorophylla of the reaction center core and that of the slow com ponent with the antenna system in which the lifetime parameter is shortened by the antibody from 3.42 ns to 1.795 ns. The action on the fast component is less and leads to a shortening of the lifetime parame­ ter from 0.373 ns to only 0.249 ns. The effect is interpreted in terms of an enhancement of linear photosynthetic electron transport possibly due to an inhibition of the cyclic electron transport around PS II, discovered by Gruszecki et al. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51c, 691—6 (1996); received May 14/July 17 1996 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Antiserum, a-Tocoquinone, Photosystem II, Fluorescence Lifetime, Nicotiana tabacum 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1996-51c-0691 
 Volume    51