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1Author    E. K. Pistorius, G. H. SchmidRequires cookie*
 Title    Studies on the O2 Evolution under Flash Light Illumination in Preparations of A nacystis nidulans  
 Abstract    The 0 2 yield under flash light illum ination in preparations o f Anacystis nidulans was exam ined in the presence o f redox components such as ferricyanide and ferrocyanide. W hen ferricyanide (1 mM) was added to the lyophilized, lysozym e treated and ED TA w ashed cells o f A. nidulans the familiar Joliot-Kok oscillalion with m axim um on the third flash and periodicity o f four was observed (in the presence o f added CaCl2 and M nCl2). H owever, when the ferricyanide con­ centration was increased to about 8 m M , a reduction o f the 0 2 evolution under flash illum ination was observed, and an 0 2 uptake could clearly be seen under the First and second flash. This 0 2 uptake was inhibited by D C M U and o-phenanthroline, but was not influenced by KCN or salicylhydroxamic acid. As ferrocyanide was progressively added to 1 m M ferricyanide, the oscillations faded out and the steady-state 0 2 evolution decreased. Light would progressively increase the 0 2 evolution and reduce the dam ping o f the oscillations. Two patterns o f 0 2 evolution under short saturating light flashes were observed with these Anacystis preparations on first illum ination in the presence o f cations but in the absence o f ferri­ cyanide. One pattern corresponded to the typical pattern w hich has been repeatedly described in the literature, but the second pattern gave the indication o f an initial "over-reduced" state o f the photosystem II reaction center. W ith suitable procedures the two patterns were interchangeable. Moreover, the effect o f L-arginine on the flash pattern was exam ined. The results are discussed in connection with the possible dual function o f the previously described flavin protein as an L-amino acid oxidase and as a com ponent o f the 0 2 evolving reaction center (E. K. Pistorius and H. Voss, Eur. J. Biochemistry 1 2 6 ,2 0 3 -2 0 9 (1982)). 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 39c, 1097—1103 (1984); received August 20 1984 
  Published    1984 
  Keywords    0 2 Evolution, Photosystem II, Cyanobacteria, A nacystis nidulans 
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 Identifier    ZNC-1984-39c-1097 
 Volume    39