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1Author    Ekkehard Lindner, Robert SpeidelRequires cookie*
 Title    Neuartige basische Liganden für die homogenkatalytische Methanolcarbonylierung, XXI [1] Synthese und Eigenschaften von (Ether-Phosphan)-Platin-Komplexen Novel Basic Ligands for the Homogenous Catalytic Methanol Carbonylation, XXI [1] Synthesis and Properties of (Ether-Phosphane) Platinum Complexes  
 Abstract    The (ether-phosphane) complexes m -C l2Pt(Ph: P ~ D)2 (2a, b) [D = C H 2C4H 70 (a). C H 2C4H 70 2 (b)] are obtained by reaction of Ph2P ~ D (la , b) with either K2PtCl4 or Cl2Pt(CO D) (C O D = 1,5-cyclooctadiene). Both Cl ^anions are abstracted from 2a, b using A gSbF(1 to give the cationic bischelate complexes [Pt(Ph2P D)2][SbFh]2 (5a, b). The stepwise cleavage and reform a­ tion of Pt —O bonds in (ether-phosphane) platinum complexes is dem onstrated bv the sequence 5a —> [rä -(P h 2P D)(Ph2P ~D)P tC l][S bF 6] (6 a) -* [rra«5-(Ph2P ~ D)2PtC O (C l)][SbF6] (7 a) -* 5a, when 5a, 6 a, and 7a are reacted with KC1. CO, and AgSbF,,, respectively. Reduction of 2a with N aB H 4 results in the form ation of rra/2s-H 2Pt(Ph2P ~ D)2 (4a). In the presence of HC1 2a js re­ formed. Excess N aBH 4 or heating of 4a yields the bischelate platinum(O) complex Pt(P h: P D)2 (3a), which is also jso lated by reduction of 2a with sodium amalgam. A general method for obtaining P t(P h2P D)2 (3 a —c) [D = C H 2C H 2O C H , (c)] is the substitution of C O D in P t(C O D)2 by the ether-phosphanes l a —c. The structures and bonding properties of the com pounds 2 —7 are discussed on the basis of their 31P {1H } NMR and IR spectra. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 44b, 437—443 (1989); eingegangen am 20. D ezem ber 1988 
  Published    1989 
  Keywords    Ether-Phosphanes Platinum Complexes, 3iP {'H} NMR Spectra, IR Spectra 
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 Volume    44