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1Author    Phosphonio-Substituted Tetrahydro-, -Diphosphinines, -Azaphosphinines, Georg Jochem, Martin Schm, HeinrichN. Öth ', Alfred SchmidpeterRequires cookie*
 Title    Phosphonio-substituierte Tetrahydro-l,3-diphosphinine un(j Tetrahy dro-1,2,6-azad i phospli in i ne  
 Abstract    The bis(triphenylphosphonio)propenide cation 1 provides two reactive CH sites in 1,3-position and can be condensed with the bis(dichlorophosphanyl)methylene triphenylphos-phorane 2 or the bis(dichlorophosphanyl)aniline 3 to form cationic six-membered rings: A tetrahydro-1,3-diphosphinine (4) with three phosphonio or phosphoranediyl substituents in 2,4,6-position and a tetrahydro-1,2,6-azadiphosphinine (5) carrying two such substituents in 3,5-position. The bromide of the latter was used for an X-ray structure analysis. The P111 ring members of the cations 4 and 5 can be oxidized in two steps by elemental sulfur to give the monothioxo and dithioxo derivatives 6. 7 and 8, 9. respectively. A crystal of the mixed chloride/bromide of 8 was used for another X-ray structure analysis. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 51b, 1761—1767 (1996); eingegangen am 16. August 1996 
  Published    1996 
  Keywords    Dichlorophosphanyl Ylides and Amines, Cyclocondensation, Phosphorus Heterocycles, 1, 3-Diphosphinines, 1, 2, 6-Azadiphosphinines 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_B/51/ZNB-1996-51b-1761.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNB-1996-51b-1761 
 Volume    51