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1Author    Herrn Prof, Dr, J. Otto, SchererRequires cookie*
 Title    Übergangsmetall-substituierte Acylphosphane und Phosphaalkene, XIX [1]  
 Abstract    Synthese und Strukturbestimmung von l-Metallo-l,2-dihydrophospheten (jj5-C5Me5XCO)2M -P C H (E)-C (E)= C -NMe2 (M = Fe, Ru; E = C 0 2Me, CN) Transition Metal Substituted Acylphosphanes and Phosphaalkenes, XIX [1] Synthesis and Structure Determ ination of l-M etallo-l,2-dihydrophosphetes (^5-C5M e5)(CO)2M -P C H (E)-C (E) = C -N M e 2 (M = Fe, Ru; E = C 0 2 Me, CN) L othar Weber* 3, O laf Kam inski3, H ans-Georg Stammler3, Beate Neumann3, Vadim D. R om anenkob The metallo-phosphaalkenes (/75-C5Me5)(CO)2M -P = C (N R 2)2 (4a,b, 5) result from the reac­ tion of the corresponding bromo compounds (/75-C5Me5)(CO)2MBr with Me3Si-P = C (N R 2)2. The complexes 4a and 5a are cleanly converted into the l-metallo-l,2-dihydrophosphetes (//5-C5Me5)(CO)2M -PCH(E)-C(E) = C -NM e2 (lO a -c) (M = Fe, Ru; E = C 0 2Me, CN) by treatment with equimolar amounts of dimethyl fumarate or fumarodinitrile, respectively. The products 4a,b, 5 and lO a -c have been characterized by elemental analysis as well as by spec­ troscopic data (IR, 'H, 13C, 3IP NM R, MS). The molecular structures o f 4a and 10a have been determined by single crystal X-ray analysis. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 48b, 1784—1794 (1993); eingegangen am 23. Juni 1993 
  Published    1993 
  Keywords    Phosphaalkenes, Metallo-l, 2-dihydrophosphetes, X-Ray 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1993-48b-1784 
 Volume    48