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1Author    Franz Dallacker, Thomas Böhmel, W. Ilhelm Müllners, HeinrichM. ÜckterRequires cookie*
 Title    Amin-carbamoyl-10B-boran, Darstellung und biologische Eigenschaften Amine-carbamoyl-dihydro-10B-borane, Preparation, and Biological Properties  
 Abstract    The chemical section deals with the synthesis of sodiumcyano-"'B-borhydride (3) from l0B-boric acid trimethyl ester (1) via sodium-inB-borhydride (2). By converting 3 with trimethylammonium chloride, trimethylamine-cyano-10B-borane (4) is formed which, via nitrilium tetrafluoroborate 5, is transformed by water to Trimethylamine-carboxy-dihydro-luB-borane (6). Trimethylamine-ethoxycarbonyl-dihydro-l()B-borane (8b) and amine-carbamoyl-dihydro-"'B-borane (8c) can be synthesized from the imidazolid 8a. In the biological section an orientation to the toxicity and the tumor affinity of the compounds 6, 7. and 8c are described. Further the possibility is shown by achieving a maximal concentration of 10B-boron in the tumor whilst at the same time retaining as low a concentration of 1()B-Boron as possible in the surrounding tissue. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40c, 344 (1985); received March 4/April 12 1985 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    1(, B-Boron, Neutron Capture Therapy, Amine-carboxy-dihydro-'°B-borane 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/40/ZNC-1985-40c-0344.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1985-40c-0344 
 Volume    40 
2Author    MichaelC. MoschidisRequires cookie*
 Title    Synthesis of l,2-Dipalmitoyloxypropyl-3-(2-ammoniumethyl) Phosphinate  
 Abstract    The total synthesis of l,2-dipalmitoyloxypropyl-3-(2-ammoniumethyl) phosphinate, the phos-phino-analog of phosphatidyl ethanolamine is described. The phosphinate analog of phosphatidyl ethanolamine has been prepared by an Arbusov type of reaction between a diacyl-glycerol bromohydrin and 2-bromo-ethylphosphonic acid dimethyl ester for 48 h at 178 °C, followed by a reaction with aq. ammonia to yield the final product. The product was characterized by elemental analysis, phosphono-phosphorus determinations and IR spectroscopy. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 40c, 595—598 (1985); received April 22 1985 
  Published    1985 
  Keywords    Phosphinolipids, Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine, 1, 2-Dipalmitoyl-sn-glycerol Bromohydrin, Phos-phino Analog of Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/40/ZNC-1985-40c-0595.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1985-40c-0595 
 Volume    40 
3Author    Virginia Massheimer, LuisM. Fernandez, AnaR. De BolandRequires cookie*
 Title    Stimulation of Calmodulin Binding to Skeletal Muscle Membrane Proteins by 1,25-Dihydroxy-Vitamin D 3  
 Abstract    Previous work has shown that 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D 3 rapidly increases calmodulin lev­ els of skeletal muscle membranes without altering the muscle cell calmodulin content. There­ fore, the effects of the sterol on the binding of calmodulin to specific muscle membrane pro­ teins were investigated. Soleus muscles from vitamin D-deficient chicks were treated in vitro for short intervals (5-15 min) with physiological concentrations of 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D 3. Proteins of mitochondria and microsomes isolated by differential centrifugation were sep­ arated on sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gels. Calmodulin-binding proteins were identified by a [125I]calmodulin gel overlay procedure followed by autoradiography. 1,25-Di-hydroxy-vitamin D 3 increased the binding of labelled calmodulin to a major, calcium-inde­ pendent, calmodulin-binding protein of 28 Kda localized in microsomes, and to minor calmo­ dulin-binding proteins of 78 and 130 Kda proteins localized in mitochondria. The binding of [125I]calmodulin to these proteins was abolished by flufenazine or excess non-radioactive cal­ modulin. 1,25-Dihydroxy-vitamin D 3 rapidly increased muscle tissue Ca uptake and cyclic AM P levels and stimulated the phosphorylation of several membrane proteins including those whose calmodulin-binding capacity potentiates. Analogously to the sterol, forskolin increased membrane calmodulin content, calmodulin binding to the 28 Kda microsomal protein and 45Ca uptake by soleus muscle preparations. Forskolin also induced a similar profile of changes in muscle membrane protein phosphorylation as the hormone. These results suggest that 1,25-dihydroxy-vitamin D 3 affects calmodulin distribution in muscle cells through cyclic AMP-de-pendent phosphorylation of membrane calmodulin-binding proteins. These changes may play a role in the stimulation of muscle Ca uptake by the sterol. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 45c, 663—670 (1990); received October 2/November 3 1989 
  Published    1990 
  Keywords    1, 25-Dihydroxy-Vitamin D 3, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Membranes, Calmodulin Binding, Protein Phosphorylation 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/45/ZNC-1990-45c-0663.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1990-45c-0663 
 Volume    45 
4Author    J. W. Wheeler3, L. Nyalley3, D. M. Davisb, P. J. WeldoncRequires cookie*
 Title    Additional Sulfur Compounds from the Anal Glands of the Striped Polecat, Ictonyx striatus (Mustelidae, Mammalia)  
 Abstract    Two sulfur compounds have been identified in the anal gland secretions of captive-raised adults of the striped polecat (Ictonyx striatus), an African mustelid. 3-Ethyl-l,2-pentanedithiolane was observed in the secre­ tions of an adult male and an adult female. 1,3-Pen­ tanedithiol was observed in the male; this compound has not previously been reported from mustelid anal glands. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 52c, 283—285 (1997); received December 16 1996/February 4 1997 
  Published    1997 
  Keywords    Ictonyx striatus, Striped Polecat, Anal Gland Secretions, 3-Ethyl-l, 2-pentanedithiolane, 1, 3-Pentanedithiol 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/52/ZNC-1997-52c-0283_n.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1997-52c-0283_n 
 Volume    52 
5Author    Erhard Jägers, Bert Steffan, R. Enata Von Ardenne, Wolfgang SteglichRequires cookie*
 Title    Stoffw echselprodukte des  
 Abstract    2.4-Trihydroxy-benzols aus Fruchtkörpern von G om phidius m aculatus und G. glutinosus (B oletales) [1] M etabolites of 1,2,4-Trihydroxybenzene from Fruiting Bodies o f Gomphidius maculatus and G. glutinosus (Boletales) [1] 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 36c, 488—4 (1981); received February 25 1981 
  Published    1981 
  Keywords    Gomphidius, Boletales, 1, 2, 4-Trihydroxybenzene, 2, 2', 4, 4', 5, 5'-Hexahydroxybiphenyl, Gomphilactone, Postemak Rearrangement 
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 TEI-XML for    default:Reihe_C/36/ZNC-1981-36c-0488_n.pdf 
 Identifier    ZNC-1981-36c-0488_n 
 Volume    36