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1Author    Blaschette Arm, Karl-Heinz Nagel, PeterG. JonesRequires cookie*
 Title    Polysulfonylamine, XLIV [1] Synthese von |Na(15-Krone-5)][N(S02CH3)2l und Kristallstruktur bei -9 5 °C Polysulfonylamines, XLIV [1] Synthesis of [Na(15-Crown-5)][N(S02C H 3)2] and Crystal Structure at -9 5 °C  
 Abstract    The complex [Na(15-crown-5)][N(S02C H 3)2] crystallizes at -2 5 °C from a methanol solu­ tion containing equimolar am ounts of N aN (S 0 2C H 3)2 and 15-crown-5. Its crystallographic data at -9 5 °C are: monoclinic, space group P2,/c, a = 852.1(5), b = 2731.9(12), c = 909.2(4) pm, ß = 115.53(4)°, V = 1.910 nm3, Z = 4, D v = 1.445 M gm 3. The structure in the solid state consists of ion pairs. The sodium cation is coordinated to the five oxygen atoms of the crown ether, one oxygen atom o f the anion, and to the nitrogen atom of the anion. The bond distances are N a-O (crow n) 238.7-247.2, Na sodium ion lies 78 pm out of the plane o f the crown the coronand is described. 
  Reference    Z. Naturforsch. 48b, 893—897 (1993); eingegangen am 5. Februar 1993 
  Published    1993 
  Keywords    Polysulfonylamines, (15-Crown-5)sodium Dimesylamide, Synthesis, Crystal Structure 
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 Identifier    ZNB-1993-48b-0893 
 Volume    48